Benjamin's Ark

Hobby Breeder of Rabbits, Rodents, Birds and Reptiles

My Birds

I have quite a few species of birds in my set up.


I have a large 9ft square aviary with Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Java Sparrows and Canries. My Aviary has been set up since 2002.


 Gemma, one of my Blue Masked Lovebirds.


 Bob, Snowy, Chandler and Willow.


 Jack and Jill, These two Green Masked Lovebirds I handraised and even though they now live outside in the aviary they are still quite tame. Born 2004.


 They were so cheeky when they were young, and Jack still is.


 A Group of my Lovebirds in their aviary.

A couple of my cockatiels.

 A group of my cockatiels.


We do occasionally have baby birds for sale. Contact me for more details.


One of my best friends Lois also handrears baby birds from my aviary, contact her on: