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Corn Snakes


I have kept Corn Snakes as pets since 2009 and started breeding them in 2012. Corn Snakes make great pets and are also very low maintenance pets. I keep my snakes in a group Vivarium. Corn snakes must have a stable temperature gradient, which allows them to thermo-regulate. Mine have a cool end maintained at 21°C and a warm end maintained at 32°C. This is maintained using a thermostat. Corn snakes are naturally nocturnal so do not require additional lighting, however they do need places to hide and large water bowl that they can submerse themselves in when shedding.

All My Snakes are fed a diet of pre-killed (frozen) Mice. Snakes eat mice that are about twice the width of the animals head. My adult snakes eat once every 7 days, but hatchlings and juveniles are fed every 4 days. The mice are defrosted and warmed up to body temperature. All snakes are placed in individual feeding pots to feed and are left unhandled for 2 days after feeding  All their mice are dusted with Nutrobal, a reptile vitamin and mineral supplement.



My Male Snow Motley Corn Snake

Hatched 2009



My Female Amelanistic Corn Snake

Hatched 2009



My Female Ghost Corn Snake

Hatched 2009



My Female Miami Phase Corn Snake

Hatched 2011



My Female Amelanistic Corn Snake

Hatched 2011



My Female Ghost Corn Snake

Hatched 2012 By Me
picture soon


Snake Vivarium


 My Snake Vivarium fully decorated


My Snake Vivarium minimalistic.


Baby Snakes:


An example of the Ghosts Hatched 2012


One of the Snows Hatched 2012



We have baby Corn Snakes for sale. CB2014.

Please contact me for more details.