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I have been the proud owner of Degus now for many years, acquiring my first two way back in 2000. They are great animals full of personality and cheekiness. They become very tame and due to their long life-span, make great long-term pets.

Diego and Desmond were my first two degus I got way back in 2000, Diego died in his sleep in 2009 (age 9), and Desmond despite being blind made it to the grand age of 12, and died in 2012. Desmond's two sons I bred myself, Dave 1 and Dave 2, also died in 2012 at the age of 8 years. My oldest Female Degus so far were Debbie and Dory who both died in 2012, at the age of 9 years. May they all RIP.


My Current Degus:-

Colony 1 (This Colony Produces Agouti Degus):

Dean, Born 2009 Agouti (Born here)

Daisy, Born 2008 Agouti (Born here)

Digger, Born 2012 Agouti (Born Here)

DeeDee, Born 2012 Agouti

Colony 2 (This Colony Produces Both Blue and Agouti Degus):

Drake, Born 2009 Agouti (Born here)

Ellie, Born 2011 Agouti-Blue carrier

Elsa, Born 2011 Agout-Blue carrier

Blu, Born 2012 Blue (Born here)

Davey, Born 2012 Agouti (Born here)

Belle, Born 2012 Agouti


Colony 3 (This Colony Produces Blue Degus):

Donnie, Born 2007 Blue

Marie, Born 2007 Blue

Milly, Born 2009 Blue

Maisie, Born 2010 Blue


 Marie, a Female Blue Degu. Born 2007.



 Donnie, a Male Blue Degu. Born 2007.



 Blu, a Male Blue Degu. Born 2012.



Dave 1 & Dave 2 Agouti Males. Born in 2004, passed away in 2012 RIP.



 5 Breeding females in my large 4ft nursery tank! I keep all my expecting mothers and young babies in tanks as baby degus are some of the best escape artists I know.Some of these excellent girls are no longer with me, RIP.



 Debbie, Dory, Donna and Dora looking for a treat, May you RIP.


Dory and Donna with some little ones, RIP.

Marie trying to get out for a treat.

 'Can I come out?'

'And us?'

Degus love toys, you can buy lots of different toys but also have a go at making some. They love it.


Blue babies, bred in 2010.



 Agouti babies, bred in 2010.


I feed all my Degus Supreme Science Selective Degu Food. This is Great food. When I got Desmond and Diego way back in 2000, I had to feed them Chinchilla pellets and mix, but these are way too high in fat and sugar and luckily food has come a long way since then. Degus also need a very good quality hay and I use Burgess Excel Herbage which they love.