Benjamin's Ark

Hobby Breeder of Rabbits, Rodents, Birds and Reptiles

My Poultry & Waterfowl

 I have been keeping domestic birds since 2011. it is very rewarding and great Fun, we keep them in a large purpose built pen.



My Chickens:

Our Rooster: Georgie (Pekin)

 The Pekin Hens:

Dorothy (Lavender)

Agnes (White Mix)

Agatha (Millefleur)

Ginger (Buff)

Miriam (Black & White)

Lois (Blue & White)

Edith (Blue)


The Brahma Hens:

Hilda (Lavender)

Zelda (Black)

Lizzie (Silver Laced)

Lou-Lou (Gold Laced)


My Other Hens:

Taylor & Phillipa (Rhode Island Red X Light sussex Hens)

Penny (Light sussex Hen)

Hilary (Lavender-Blue Hen)



 My Campbells Ducks:

The Drake:

Russell (Chocolate)

The Ducks:

Abigail (White)

Amelia (Apricot)



My Indian Runner Ducks:

The Drakes:

Henry (Nutmeg)

Stanley (Blue & White)

Patrick (Fawn & White)

Tommen (Apricot Trout)

The Ducks:

Annie (White)

Catherine (Fawn & White)

Yara (Fawn & White)

Olenna (Blue)

Mrycella (Apricot Trout)

Brienne (Black & White)

Thelma (Blue & White)

Louise (Blue & White)




My Other Ducks:

We also have two miniature Silver Appleyards, Jed and Gillie and a Crested Duck, Eddie.



 My Embden Geese:

The Gander: 


The Goose:




My Japanese Quail:

We also have Japanese Quail. These are great Small Poultry Pets.