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Hobby Breeder of Rabbits, Rodents, Birds and Reptiles


I have always loved rabbits, they make wonderful pets. As a BRC member I pride myself on keeping them to the highest standards. I have a few different breeds in my collection, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, Mini-Lops, Dwarf-Lops and Dutches. I do not currently show my rabbits, however all my rabbits are bred to BRC standards.


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Netherland Dwarfs 

Mini-Lops & Dwarf Lops


 Where They Live


My Netherlands, Lionheads, Dwarf Lops, Dutches and Mini Lops live together in either 4.5ft, 5ft or 6ft hutches.

All my does are kept in pairs or trios when they are not breeding. This keeps them friendly and well socialised. The does are only kept singly for the last 7-14 days of pregnancy, and while raising their babies.

The Bucks Each have their own 4.5ft hutch for when they are not breeding.

When I breed my rabbits the buck stays in with the doe for 14-21 days. This gives my bucks time with the does and keeps them placid and well socialised. This keeps my Bucks really friendly as opposed to some breeders bucks who spend their entire lives alone except for a day now and then for mating.


A few of my 4.5ft and 5ft Hutches.



They are out in the runs almost every day and the babies are out as soon as they can walk and eat. They love it.




I regularly treat all my rabbits with Panacur Rabbit and Xenex Ultra Spot on. This keeps them completely Parasite free.



All my rabbits are vaccinated against myxomatosis and VHD annually.



All my rabbits are fed Supreme Science Selective Food, Meadow Hay, Excel Herbage, Fresh Grass and Fruit and Veg.


I Believe That Rabbits should be fed the best food around, especially when breeding. Some of the cheaper rabbit pellet foods on the market just do not contain the right nutrition.

I strongly feel that rabbit mixes should be avoided at all costs. It is just pretty to our eyes, but no good for the rabbit.





 1. Freedom From Hunger and Thirst

- My rabbits are fed Science Selective Rabbit food, one of the best foods on the market. They have unlimited meadow hay and excel herbage. They also have fresh food, vegetables, fruit and grass and herbs. My Rabbits have fresh water available all the time.


2. Freedom From Discomfort

- My Rabbits all have large hutches 4.5ft, 5ft or 6ft. They are all deep hutches which have space inside to run and play. They all have a warm sleeping area with plenty of hay and straw. They also have access to the runs every day. These are 4ft square and 6ft square.


 3. Freedom From Pain, Injury and Disease

- All my rabbits are vaccinated anually for myxomatosis and VHD. All my rabbits are treated straight away for any injury that may occur. They are all regularly treated with Panacur Rabbit and Xenex Ultra spot on, to keep them completely parasite free.


4. Freedom to Behave Normally

- All my rabbits are kept together in social groups, allowing them to exhibit their natural behaviour. None of them are kept singly for very long. Does, only when raising babies and Bucks, during rest bites. All my rabbits have plenty of toys to play with and keep their minds stimulated.


5. Freedom From Fear and Distress

- All my rabbits are well handled and socialised. They have large living spaces and plenty of mental stimulation. All my rabbits are first and foremost PETS, this is very important. None of them are BREEDING MACHINES and are not kept singly or isolated.



 Thank You