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Royal (Ball) Pythons

I have kept Royal Ball Pythons as pets since 2013. Royals make great pets and are one of the most popular reptile species kept in captivity. They are well Known for their fantastic temperaments.

Royals must have a stable temperature gradient, which allows them to thermo-regulate. They prefer a temperature gradient between 26°C and 33°C. This is maintained using a thermostat. They also have additional lights during the day to keep the air temperature high and no lights at night to keep the air cool. Royals are more nocternal and so require lots of hiding places to mimic their natural behaviour. Mine have lots of cork bark logs and plantation and branches to climb on. They require a humidity level of 50-60% which is acheived through a large water bowl and regular spraying.

All My Royals are fed a diet of pre-killed (frozen) Mice or rats. They eat rodents that are about twice the width of the animals head. They eat every 7-10 days. The rodents are defrosted and warmed up to body temperature. The snakes are then placed in individual feeding pots to feed and are left unhandled for 2 days after feeding  All their rodents are dusted with Nutrobal, a reptile vitamin and mineral supplement.

I am creating a collection of Royals with my best friend Alex and we are hoping to breed them in the future.

Alex's Snakes:

Willis Mojave Male Hatched 2011.



Barbra Spider Female Hatched 2012.



, Pewter Female Hatched 2015.


My Snakes:

Aura, Lemon Dessert Female Hatched 2012.


Albus, Killer Bee Male Hatched 2013.



 Athena, Mojave Female Hatched 2012.



Ariana, Normal Female Hatched 2011.



 Alecto, Opal Diamond Male Hatched 2014.




 Alana, Lavender Albino Female Hatched 2014.