Benjamin's Ark

Hobby Breeder of Rabbits, Rodents, Birds and Reptiles

The Family

We have many animals and here are the family......



 Meg and Jess, Our two English Springer Spaniels. Jess was born 30/07/2004 and on 7/09/2005 became the proud mother of 7 puppies. Meg was the runt of that litter and the two are inseparable (Fantastic breed of Dog, and as anyone who knows them would verify so well behaved. you can take them anywhere, my two beautiful girls.


Cleo, our Tabby and White. Born in 2009, she is so affectionate and so friendly, another real softy.



This is Albert and Lydia, two of my Hermanns Tortoises. They are Named after my late Nan and Grandad (Mum's Mum & Dad). RIP. They were Hatched in 2009. We Lost Lydia in 2016 from an infection.



This is Vera, My youngest Hermanns Tortoise. She is named after my Late Nan (Dad's Mum). She was Hatched in 2010.

All three of my Hermanns Tortoises live together.





 Sanza (KC Name: Stormdancer Twist and Shout), My Weimaraner. Sanza was born on 17/04/2012. She is a beautiful dog and from a top class breeder, Sandra Rowbury at the Stormdancer kennels. 




Ghost & Nymeria                                                 Lady & Summer

Ghost and Nymeria, My Lionhead X Belgian Hares, Buck and Doe. Born May 2012. This litter was an accident, my very smart Phillipe broke in to my Late Rabbit Jadzi's Hutch and nature is nature. Sadly we lost Jadzia when the babies were 6 days old and then I handreared the 5 babies. They were named after the 5 orphaned Dire-Wolf Pups from Game of Thrones, Ghost, Nymeria, Lady, Summer and Greywind. We lost Greywind at 4 weeks old, however the other 4 survived and I have kept Ghost and Nymeria and my friend Frankie has Lady and Summer. They are amazing rabbits, so friendly and love a cuddle. 



Rickon, My Lop cross English rabbit, he is a beautiful and friendly boy bred by my friend Alex. Born April 2013.



Arya (KC Name: Roughpoint Valentina), My Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer. Arya was born on 03/11/2014. She is a beautiful dog and from top class breeders, Sandra Rowbury at the Stormdancer kennels and Jenny Chevalier at the Roughpoint kennels.



Alpha is my Rescue Blue Fronted Amazon, he was born in 2011 (estimated by vets) and is a real baby and an amzing bird.