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Previous Babies

On this page I will put pictures of babies I have sold. If you have bought any animals from me, email me a picture at and I can put it on.

Thank you.



This Beautiful Red Belgian Hare is called Arfur and now lives with Lynn and her family. He is so handsome and a well bred hare. He is a free range rabbit living as a house rabbit and playing in the garden.

Son of Phillipe & Sophia



 This Beautiful Seal Point Mini Lop is called Yoda and lives with Ray and Eve. He is so cute.

Son of Sookie and Ruben.



This Beautiful Sable Netherland Dwarf Doe is called Willow and lives with Ray and Eve.
Daughter of Torri and Murphy.




 This Blue Otter Vienna Marked Netherland Dwarf is called Maisey The White Footed Sable is called Miles. Both live with Sam at LOLAS LIONS. Daughter of Paige and Murphy. Son of Holly and Murphy. 


This Beautiful Blue Otter Netherland Dwarf Buck is called Bobby and lives with Chloe at Cottage Dutch Rabbits.
Son of Paige and Murphy.
This Beautiful Siamese Sable Netherland Dwarf Doe is called Belle and lives with Lucy and her family.
Daughter of Arwen and yanto.